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The Village Sudbury School is democratically run by students and staff. Students pursue whatever subjects interest them, in groups or individually, and learn informally along the way -- even as they play.

Wild About Whittier

Kids: Explore our community in this eight-week summer program with Village Sudbury School! 
  • June 13th - August 4th

  • Monday - Thursday 9am - 4pm (open 7:45am - 6pm)

  • $90/week

  • Registration for each desired week is due one week prior to start date

We're wild about our hometown -- come check out all our community has to offer. This summer, see the possibilities that emerge when we UNLEASH the curiosity of the self-directed learner! Check out eight weeks of learning:

June 13-16 - Wild Whittier: Take a step back into the 19th century as we explore a world without cars or paved roads. Hike in to learn about plants, animals, geology, and survival skills in the Whittier Hills! Habitat Authority docent Tracy Wittman and other special guests will provide insights into the local habitat.

June 20-23 - Whittier History Tour: What if you lived here 50, 100, or 150 years ago? Would you have been a rancher, metalsmith, or shopkeeper? Explore the Whittier Museum & Bailey House, Pío Pico State Historic Park, and Hathaway Ranch & Oil Museum. Tim Traeger of the Whittier Historical Society advises along with docents from each museum.

June 27-30 - E-Whittier: Shift gears into the future: Learn what’s what in coding, circuitry, apps, Vines, and YouTubing! Collaborate in a team to tinker with junk to build -- and showcase on film -- fascinating functional creations with open source experts Carlos Meza and Scoops Adamczyk.

July 4-7 - Choose Your Own Adventure: According to Dr. Peter Gray of Boston College, free play is critical to development of social and emotional skills in childhood. This week, we'll tour the parks of Uptown Whittier -- don't forget to bring your imagination! We provide art materials, board games, and sporting equipment for pick-up games.

July 11-14 - Muralistas: A mural can tell a story and transport viewers into another world! Make your mark as you design and paint a giant wall-size mural. Local muralists Dennis McGonagle and Cynthia Nalbach will advise the visual arts process. Check out our work here and Dennis's work here

July 18-21 - Farm to Table: Learn culinary arts in this delicious week of meal planning and cooking. We source seasonal ingredients from local backyard farms and the Uptown Whittier Certified Farmer's Market. Chef and certified kitchen manager Megan Hobza teaches kitchen safety and kid-friendly cooking.

July 25-August 4 - Performance Showcase: The group will spend two weeks on the performing arts. Choose from set design and costume making to acting, storytelling, improv, and music making. Veteran television actor Layne Beamer and Renaissance Faire performer Marshel Copple advise.