Village Learning Center

Democracy - Community - Pursuit of Happiness

The Village Sudbury School is democratically run by students and staff. Students pursue whatever subjects interest them, in groups or individually, and learn informally along the way -- even as they play.

What works in the 21st century?

Extrinsic motivation (like financial incentives, grades, punishments or rewards) decreases motivation and productivity. It's been proven in countless studies for the past half-century. These kinds of incentives only work for menial, assembly-line type tasks. They are central to the standardized school system.

So what DOES work for the creative (and precarious) economy of the 21st century? Psychologists and economists agree that intrinsic motivation is crucial. Dan Pink breaks it down a little further using the concepts of autonomy, mastery and purpose. Intrinsic motivation is central to‪#‎Sudbury‬ schools and ‪#‎Agile‬ Learning Centers.