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Free Student Press: Unschooling at Public Schools!

Below is an excerpt from an interview with the founder of Free Student Press (FSP), Damon Krane, which was featured in Peter Gray's Freedom to Learn blog. See the whole interview HERE. Consider contributing to their Kickstarter campaign HERE before the August 24th deadline.

With 'zines distributed on campus, "students can create for themselves a unique forum for public dialogue among their peers that is anchored to their experiences as students within their schools, and as young people within their communities... students learn how to manage this forum, because they’re committed to keeping it. They learn how to communicate better, because that’s necessary to change minds and have an impact. They learn about their peers and others’ perspectives, and the situation forces them to contend with others’ arguments. Finally, if school officials attempt to illegally censor a publication – as they often do – students get to learn how to defeat corrupt people in positions of power and authority through grassroots organizing.

And the best part of FSP’s approach is that we don’t have to wait until we’ve changed our schools, or until we’ve built better large-scale alternatives. Instead, we literally turn public schools into an opportunity for a massive unschooling campaign – one that not only enriches learning and improves young peoples’ lives, but which also dramatically increases Americans’ capacity to create a freer, more just society."