Village Learning Center

Democracy - Community - Pursuit of Happiness

The Village Sudbury School is democratically run by students and staff. Students pursue whatever subjects interest them, in groups or individually, and learn informally along the way -- even as they play.


Re-Opening Fall 2017

We are a learning center for students ages 7-17, located in Uptown Whittier

Inspired by the Sudbury Valley School and dozens like it around the world, the Village Learning Center is a democracy of self-directed learners.

Students develop responsibility by managing the school’s policies, budget, and daily operations. In weekly school meetings, students learn to advocate for their point of view. Disputes are settled in a judicial committee comprised of students and staff operating on the principles of restorative justice.

Learning at a democratic school is concentrated and joyful, and students learn to be learners, as they delve deeply into the subjects of their choice. Click below for more information on:

Founding Board

A high school dropout who opted for a G.E.D., transferred to Whittier College on a scholarship, and went on to complete graduate studies in democratic education, school founder Stan Call questions the traditional school system he has taught in since 2000. He is currently part of a team led by Dr. Peter Gray of Boston College to study benefits of self-directed learning.


Susan Cameron has taught at every level from preschool through graduate school. After practicing law and mediation for more than 20 years, she earned her M.Div. in 2010. Susan currently teaches Critical Thinking, Philosophy and World Religions, and is a member of the Just Love Coalition and the Wholeness Community Steering Committee.

Primitive technologist and professional martial artist Nhan-Esteban Khuong graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in psychobiology and practices traditional Oriental medicine.

Visual artist Maia LaPerle is a graduate of the original Sudbury Valley School and Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She works at Village Free School in Portland, OR.

George Prather, PhD, served as Chief of the Office of Institutional Research and Information for the Los Angeles Community College District, where he investigated issues of student diversity and institutional effectiveness. George is past President of the Sunrise Rotary Club, and longtime member of the Whittier Conservancy, UNA-USA, and the Whittier Area Peace and Justice Coalition.